Our vision: An organized
and empowered Latino community.


Jorge Leone is Acting Executive Director and Programs Administrator at Acercamiento Hispano, and also serves as a Community Liaison. A native of Argentina, he has worked as a project director in various foundations and non-profit organizations, developing programs with indigenous and unprotected communities in a range of countries in Latin America. He was also employed by the European Union in Ecuador and Colombia. At Acercamiento Hispano, Jorge specializes in outreach with the Hispanic community and the development of projects for the benefit of the Hispanic/Latino population. He has completed HIV prevention and testing courses provided by DHEC, as well as courses in non-profit organization.

Elsa Pardo is Health Programs Coordinator at Acercamiento Hispano, as well as a Community Liaison. Since her arrival in the United States, she has been involved in working with the Latino community, doing outreach and HIV prevention, testing, and counseling. Elsa has completed HIV prevention and testing courses provided by DHEC, and is also a contraception specialist. She is also a voting member of the South Carolina HIV Planning Council. Before coming to SCHO, Elsa was employed as a dentist in Colombia.

Mary Fant is Acercamiento Hispano's Program Assistant and also serves as the assistant to the Executive Director. Born and bred in right here in Columbia, she is also a graduate nurse and phlebotomist, and is currently attending courses in HIV/AIDS prevention education and non-profit organization.