Our vision: An organized
and empowered Latino community.

Welcome to South Carolina Hispanic Outreach

We are the oldest Latino nonprofit organization in our state. Since 1995, we have been working on behalf of Latino people, seeking to promote the well-being and improvement of the quality of their lives in South Carolina.

We work in different fundamental areas such as: Health education, prevention and screenings, home and small business financial education, domestic violence, soft skills development, ESL English second language, community cooperative projects, complementary education and others that can help to organize and empower the Latino community that we serve.

South Carolina Hispanic Outreach provides permanent services of counseling and referrals for legal, social, health, employment and educational Services. The programs we offer are free and provided in the Spanish language.

The services are provided with the goal of helping the Latino population become self-reliant, gain proficiency in English, and better grasp the United States legal, education, job market and health care systems.

South Carolina Hispanic Outreach wants to help build respectful bridges between cultures, and for that objective we offer Spanish classes. These classes provide Spanish language proficiency and also give students the opportunity to acquire knowledge about cultural competency and understand the richness of the Latino diversity.

Part of our commitment and responsibility with the Hispanic/Latino community is to advocate in diverse fields in benefit of the community.

If you have need of our services or would like to get involved in helping people in your community, please contact us.